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What is happening with Green Coffee market?

The word “coffee” is believed to be come from Kaffe, Ehtiopia, where coffee was born in the 9th century. Derived from the coffee bean, it was not well-received, and at one time was even banned in Turkey and Egypt. Over the years the demand for coffee gradually increased until it has become one of the […]

CoffeeMuseum: the beginning, by the designer

“After this, there is no turning back”   And there is not. Here we are, the damn four visionaries, prepared to capture unique images, experiences and feelings. Surely, looking to catch a very emotive story about Sao Tome and Principe’s coffee. We arrived in an overcrowded airplane, with no much space to stretch and sleep. The […]

20 Best Coffee Quotes from Books

They’re all around you: books and coffee. Don’t you ever think of anything else that could fit so right together? Guess not. Coffee is a theme in books since, like, forever, just like a book is the best friend you could have while sitting at a coffee table all alone, or just waiting for someone […]

Coffee and Cocoa in Sao Tome and Principe

If you visit Sao Tome and Principe today, you will find islands of incredible beauty. Yet, you will see inactive and ruined “Roças”, showing an architectural and economic vitality land that no longer exists. The beginning Portuguese discovered Sao Tome and Principe islands in the fifteenth century, time when began a process of colonization, mainly […]