Coffee Addiction? Blame your Genes

Coffee addicted - Blame your genes

Scientists have identified a gene that may explain why some people drink more coffee than others.

Don’t you ever think why you have more than 4 cups of coffee a day, while your co-worker next to you only has one? And yet, he feels great, with no need of more caffeine. Well, science says: «if you have coffee addiction, blame it on the genes».

Latest August 18th, Nicola Pirastu, from the University of Trieste in Italy published an article on “Scientific Reports”, identifying a gene called PDSS2 that might play a role in caffeine metabolism. In fact, as Time writes «they found that people with greater expression of the PDSS2 gene also reported drinking less coffee. The gene is thought to regulate the production of proteins that metabolize caffeine in the body».

Nicola Pirastu goes further saying that: «the hypothesis is that people with higher levels of this gene are metabolizing caffeine slower, and that’s why they’re drinking less coffee. They need to drink it less often to still have the positive effects of caffeine, like being awake and feeling less tired.»

The study was developed by looking at populations of people in villages in Italy, where the researchers conducted a genome-wide association study in which they examined markers in DNA and identified this PDSS2 gene. As Time writes: «the researchers asked more than 1,200 people in Italy how much coffee they drank and compared their consumption and genetic results to another population of 1,731 people in the Netherlands.»

But well, as Nicola Pirastu says «coffee, at least to some degree, is protective of some diseases and it may predispose to others—it’s kind of controversial. So understanding what is driving this and how we make food choices is very important.»

Well, you can now blame your family for your coffee addiction, don’t you?