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Pre-workout Coffee

The recommendations are clear: drinking coffee before exercise can actually be beneficial. However, to get its benefits, you have to have it at the right time. This way, you can leave the smoothies aside and enjoy your favorite cup of Joe. The reason is more than obvious and based on caffeine, which is why several […]

Perfect grind for each type of coffee

There is no good coffee without the right roast or most suitable grind. And, of course, grinding beans for an espresso is different from preparing them for a coffee globe or pot. As a starting point when talking about coffee grinding, we must remember that whenever this product is processed, its taste life is shortened. After […]

Solution for coffee stains? We’ve got it!

Do not despair. Follow these three tricks and get rid of those coffee stains. Coffee is your daily faithful companion, right? Especially in those difficult days and nights with an extreme tiredness. We have to admit that coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world (right after the water) – so you are […]

60% of coffee species in the world are in danger of extinction

This is the first time that coffee has been included in the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature as an endangered species. 60% of the world’s 124 coffee species are on the verge of extinction, as a study published in the journal ScienceAdvances and Global Change Biology reveals. According to […]

Coffee Powder Sneakers

Vegan brand creates shoes with coffee powder leftovers. To mitigate the harmful effects on the environment, the company nat-2 decided to use coffee as raw material for footwear production. With creativity, the company uses what is left of the coffee powder to make the shoes, giving an ideal placement to the «leather», made from plastic […]

Coffee Prevents Alzheimer and Parkinson

Having coffee in the morning can give you more than just an injection of energy and energy and can improve your alertness – it can also protect you against the development of more serious forms of dementia such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. «Coffee consumption seems to have some correlation with a lower risk of developing […]

Cinnamon Coffee Benefits

There is a partner who is simply perfect to enhance the taste of an espresso: cinnamon. Coffee has several advantages. In addition to fighting fatigue, it increases alertness and alertness levels and can have a protective effect against various diseases. And more: Moderate coffee consumption helps to slightly improve sports performance and ease digestion while […]

World’s Largest Cup of Coffee

Honduras, the world’s fifth-largest coffee producer, manufactured the world’s largest 18,000-liter cup of coffee to break the Guinness record that belonged to England. Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández led a ceremony in the community park of San Sebastián, western department of Lempira, to present the huge cup in the presence of industry members and public […]

Coffee or tea?

Study indicates that preference for coffee or tea is influenced by genetics. Do you prefer tea or coffee? Whatever the choice, it is not just your will. The taste appears to be partly determined by genetics, as a study done with the British and published in the journal “Scientific Reports” reveals. According to the study, […]

How coffee trends are set to evolve beyond 2018

Coffee is serious business. There’s always a new coffee shop opening, from coffee-giants Starbucks and Costa Coffee, to smaller independent cafés. So what are the coffee trends for next year? By Ryan Burnyeat  We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to coffee too; you can order everything from a standard black coffee, to a venti iced […]