Wake up just by looking at a coffee cup

Wake up just by looking at a coffee cup

A look at a coffee cup can cause excitement comparable to the one that results from its ingestion.

Sam Maglio, an associate professor at the University of Toronto, Canada, said in an interview that a look at a coffee cup can cause almost the same excitement that people have in having it, mentioning a study published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition.

The study, co-authored with Eugene Chan of the University of Monash in Australia, deals with priming, a psychological effect responsible for the repetition of previously exercised responses to the same stimulus.

Thus, the study subjects were led to consider memories about coffee, which produced an increase in their levels of physiological excitation, according to their own estimates and also according to the measurements of their heart rate.

«The association between coffee and excitement is probably so strong that it can produce cognitive changes even when there is no physiological intake of caffeine,» the study’s researchers say.

Participants reacted in different ways to various infusion modalities, scientists say. For example, espresso coffee excited them more than a latte, which, however, was more effective than tea.

However, the association works only in Western subjects. On the other hand, participants raised in Asian culture, where coffee is not such an explicit symbol of excitement, have not experienced the same stimulation.

«In North America, we have the image of the executive prototype running to an important meeting with a triple expressed in the hand. There is a connection between drinking caffeine and excitement, which may not exist in other cultures», he explained.

So, are you still wanting to have that coffee cup, or you wake up just by looking at it?