Coffee Packaging Design: How To Get It Right?

Coffee Packaging

The coffee industry is growing with lots of new, small coffee brands and their amazing products. Coffee shops around the whole words offer selections of colourful or elegant bean bags and tempt customers to continue coming back and try yet another flavour. But how does one choose which coffee is it they will buy the next time? And how does a brand assure it will be their beans that will get sold?

People in the coffee industry like to believe that customers choose their product over one of the competitors because of its coffee quality and taste. It’s true, to some extent. However, a big part of the audience is driven by… the way the coffee bag looks like. In other words, packaging.

The case of coffee is a little similar to the situation with craft beers. A customer standing in front of a fridge with so many wonderful craft beers (not having tried a single one of them before) will choose the one that simply looks the most attractive. But how can a brand make sure their beer will be the chosen one?

In a market with lots of small brands all selling a relatively similar product, differentiation is the key. Before one can taste the product, it is the packaging (and price) that play a huge role in the decision-making process.

However, saying “we need to make our packaging differentiable and attractive” is pretty empty. How exactly can your brand achieve it? What conditions should you consider? Which elements will be presented in your packaging design? Who to contact? Who will design it? What are the options? How to tell them what you want? And explain what your brand stands for? In case if you don’t like the delivered design, what should you do? Should you tell them?

Do you have an answer to these questions? Have you ever thought of them before in the first place? The process can be overwhelming so don’t worry if you the answer is no. To help you, and all the other professionals and curious souls in the coffee industry, DesignBro composed a Coffee Packaging Design: Your Ultimate Guide. Have a read!

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