Perfect grind for each type of coffee

The perfect grind for each type of coffee

There is no good coffee without the right roast or most suitable grind. And, of course, grinding beans for an espresso is different from preparing them for a coffee globe or pot.

As a starting point when talking about coffee grinding, we must remember that whenever this product is processed, its taste life is shortened. After the roast, the previously green beans count only one to two weeks of full flavor. And, once milled, this time shortens, and coffee qualities remain only for a few days.

That is, a ground coffee should be consumed immediately.

Having to keep the beans before grinding, consider that your main enemies are water (moisture affects grain quality) and oxygen (causes grain oxidation). So, if you need to store the coffee beans for a long time, it is best to take it to the freezer. Keep the beans in an air-free bag. Do not defrost them when grinding, take them as they are to the mill.

So, what is the perfect grind for each type of coffee?

  • Rough Grind (used for example in Coffee Moca coffee machines, a coffee machine that is made of two superimposed parts, the water that is seen in the lower part is forced to rise when it boils and passes through the coffee on the top of the container).
  • Medium Grind (for example, for the French press method, a system in which the ground coffee is in contact with the hot water for five minutes. Then a plunger is pushed to the bottom of the machine, separating the liquid from the erase).
  • Fine Grind (or extra fine, in the case of Turkish coffee, obtained inside a brass container where it takes ground coffee, sugar and water – possibly cardamom).

In this last category, the fine grind, consider that it should be used in the classic method of the coffee maker or espresso. The thickness of fine grinding creates an obstacle to the passage of hot water. Soon the liquid will absorb the qualities of the coffee.

Do you know the perfect grind for your favorite coffee? Tell us everything!