Solution for coffee stains? We’ve got it!

Solution for coffee stains

Do not despair. Follow these three tricks and get rid of those coffee stains.

Coffee is your daily faithful companion, right? Especially in those difficult days and nights with an extreme tiredness. We have to admit that coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world (right after the water) – so you are not alone, believe us.

Be it at home, at work, after lunch, at lunch or during work, a good cup of coffee is always good, functioning as a great stimulant and contributing to a good mood.

Yet, who has never suffered with coffee stains on your clothes or your towels?

Do not worry, the next time that happens to you, just follow these three tips:

Very hot water
This seemingly simple tip is worth gold! Once the coffee has fallen into the fabric, pour hot water over the stained area. The pressure of water on the fabric will help the stain fade.

Ice Cube
Another trick is to resort to the help of ice cubes. Remove excess coffee with kitchen paper, and then rub the cube in the stained region. Keep doing this until the stain clears and leaves the fabric completely.

White vinegar or alcohol
Dampen a clean, dry cloth with white vinegar or alcohol and rub in the stain.

And that’s it. You can go back to enjoying your coffee! Mmmm. Tastes good, doesn’t it?