Coffee Powder Sneakers

Coffee Powder Sneakers

Vegan brand creates shoes with coffee powder leftovers.

To mitigate the harmful effects on the environment, the company nat-2 decided to use coffee as raw material for footwear production.

With creativity, the company uses what is left of the coffee powder to make the shoes, giving an ideal placement to the «leather», made from plastic bottles.

Absolutely vegan, nat-2 does not use any animal material in its products. Interesting that, according to the company, the shoes have a smell that resembles that of the coffee.

The first tennis batch has already been 100% sold. The production takes rubber (non-synthetic) and water-based glue. The shoe produced in Italy has a technology that minimizes the emission of carbon dioxide.

Coffee powder sneakers is one more method to break fashion industry aggressiveness, which is only behind the oil industry in the question of pollution.

What do you think? Would you buy a pair of coffee powder sneakers for environment sake? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo Credits: nat-2