10 Best Pumpkin Spice Latte Cities

10 Best Pumpkin Spice Lattes Cities

Fall is officially in full swing, which means it’s time to grab your favorite seasonal spiced beverage: your Pumpkin Spice Latte.

The highly coveted pumpkin spice latte was established as a crowd favorite with a balance of creamy and robust flavors. Every coffee shop offers a unique flair on the pumpkin spice lattes – and Angie Bersin, from Redfin discovered the best across the USA.

Here are the best cities for Pumpkin Spice Lattes enthusiasts:

1. Chicago, IL

Number of coffee shops: 583

PSL Search Volume: 2390

Walk Score: 78

The Windy City has consistently been recognized as one of the best cities for coffee lovers. Sprinkle in the vast number of pumpkin spice lattes and Chicago earns itself the number one spot on the list.

Notable pumpkin lattes in Chicago: Osmium Coffee Bar, Cafe Integral, La Colombe, Sol Cafe, Hope Cafe, Step Down Cafe, Purple Llama, C.C Ferns, Oromo Cafe, Portage Grounds

2. Seattle, WA

Number of coffee shops: 450

PSL Search Volume: 1380

Walk Score: 73

Seattleites pride themselves on their thriving coffee scene, particularly in the smaller neighborhoods.. You’ll find great spots for the PSL in Fremont and Ballard – giving Seattle one of the most diverse coffee selections in the country.

Notable pumpkin lattes in Seattle: Seattle Coffee Works, Tougo Coffee Co., Ghost Alley Espresso, Moore Coffee Shop, Street Bean Coffee, Kaladi Brothers Coffee, Cherry Street Coffee House, Milstead and Co.

3. New York, NY

Number of coffee shops: 869

PSL Search Volume: 390

Walk Score: 96

With roughly 869 coffee shops throughout the city, the Big Apple has rightfully earned itself a spot in the top three. We recommend sipping your PSL along the Hudson River for unbeatable views of the city.

Notable pumpkin lattes in New York: Box Kite Coffee, Coffee Project NY, 12 Corners, Joe Coffee Company, Oslo Coffee Roasters, Maman Nomad, Seven Grams Caffe, Bean Vault Coffee, Kobrick Coffee

4. Denver, CO

Number of coffee shops: 294

PSL Search Volume: 1140

Walk Score: 61

Denver may have fewer coffee shops than most on the list, but with a highly devoted group of PSL lovers, it earned the number four spot on the list. Enjoy the fall weather by sipping your PSL along the Platte River.

Notable pumpkin lattes in Denver: Purple Door Coffee, Novo Coffee, Steam Espresso Bar, City Bakery Cafe, The Weathervane Cafe, Drip Denver, The Molecule Effect, Huckleberry Roasters

5. Boston, MA

Number of coffee shops: 628

PSL Search Volume: 260

Walk Score: 81

Beantown has made a name for itself with more than just baked beans – it also has some of the best coffee around. There are colorful fall leaves throughout the city which make it one of the best places to grab a pumpkin spice latte.

Notable pumpkin lattes in Boston: Gracenote Coffee, Thinking Cup, Render Coffee, Caffe Nero, Boston Common Coffee Co., Jaho Coffee Roasters, Neighborhoods Cafe, Equal Exchange Cafe

6. Portland, OR

Number of coffee shops: 404

PSL Search Volume: 760

Walk Score: 65

Known for its quaint neighborhoods and charm, Portland has a highly rated coffee shop on every corner. Take a stroll through the Old Town neighborhood and enjoy your PSL while admiring the fall foliage.

Notable pumpkin lattes in Portland: Deadstock Coffee, Sisters Coffee Company, Sunny Day Coffee, Oak Street Coffee, World Cup Coffee, Nossa Familia Coffee, Coava Coffee Roasters

7. Louisville, KY

Number of coffee shops: 285

PSL Search Volume: 270

Walk Score: 96

Forget Kentucky Fried Chicken – Louisville has much to offer in terms of PSL hot spots. Phoenix Hill, The Central Business District, and Baxter Avenue all house unique coffee shop. Many of which are close to the Ohio River, where you can enjoy your latte while taking in some beautiful views.

Notable pumpkin lattes in Louisville: Please & Thank You, Safai Coffee Shop, Heine Bros Coffee

8. San Francisco, CA

Number of coffee shops: 236

PSL Search Volume: 410

Walk Score: 86

After a long day in the bustling Golden Gate City, head over to the Mission District, Civic Center, or Mid-Market for some of the best coffee shops on the West coast. If the fog isn’t too bad, you’ll find many locals lounging in the iconic Dolores Park – a perfect spot to sip your pumpkin latte, relax, and enjoy sweeping views of the city.

Notable pumpkin lattes in SF: Pentacle Coffee, Contraband Coffee Bar, Caffe Greco, Blue Bottle Coffee, Coffee Cultures, Four Barrel Coffee, Andytown Coffee Roasters, Sightglass Coffee

9. Minneapolis, MN

Number of coffee shops: 175

PSL Search Volume: 620

Walk Score: 69

Boasting a large variety of different coffee shops spread all across the city, Minneapolis makes it easy to escape the fall chill with a pumpkin spice latte.

For some rolling green hills and award-winning sculptures, grab your latte and head downtown to the Gold Medal Park.

Notable pumpkin lattes in Minneapolis: Spyhouse Coffee, Peace Coffee, Kopplins, UP Coffee Roasters, T-Rex Cookie and Coffee

10. Dallas, TX

Number of coffee shops: 138

PSL Search Volume: 470

Walk Score: 46

Many of the best coffee shops in Dallas are located in the downtown area, Bryan place, Cityplace, and the Uptown Districts. With parks scattered throughout the city, Dallas offers green spaces for all PSL lovers to enjoy a cup to-go.

Notable pumpkin lattes in Dallas: Ascension Coffee, Weekend Coffee, Magnolias Sous le Pont, Opening Bell Coffee, Palmieri Cafe


There are coffee shops all across the country that offer delectable pumpkin spice lattes, but there was only room for ten cities. We chose the best cities based on these weighted ingredients:

  • The number of coffee shops in each location
  • Google search volume for each location
  • The average Yelp! rating of all the coffee shops within the same city
  • The city’s Walk Score (nothing says fall like a crisp walk with a pumpkin spice latte in-hand!)