New Cold Brew Coffee Maker

New Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold brew lovers? There is a new coffee maker in town specifically for cold brew coffee.

For those who are cold brew lovers these are some wonderful news. Yet, if you are not familiar with cold brew, we can easily explain it to you (so you can also be excited with this news).

Cold Brewed coffee extracts coffee gradually at room temperature or below, taking as much as 12 hours to extract coffee. The resultant coffee is lower in acidity and has a mellow almost cocoa flavor because it does not extract certain coffee elements that hot water brewing extracts.

In fact, the highest point of this beverage is that it has less acidity. More than 65%. What means that is smoother, less bitter, and a tasting cup of pure heaven. Perfect for people with acid reflux or digestion issues who prefer a mellower coffee.

Yet, until now, making this kind of coffee were not that easy. And this is where Gravity, by Polar Brew comes in.

Gravity: The Ultimate Cold Brew Coffee Maker

New Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Unhappy with the available cold brew devices, and unable to pay the price at the coffee shops each day, Polar Brew founders Jeremy and Kelsey went on a mission to make cold brew easy. The first product born of this mission is the Gravity cold brew coffee system. It is really simple to use, and it makes amazing cold brew coffee.

«We really just wanted a cold brew coffee maker that was effortless to use and easy to clean,» said Jeremy about their reason for designing the Gravity.

«It also had to look amazing placed in any home or office,» adds Polar Brew co-founder Kelsey, regarding the elegant and minimal styling of the brewer. «Of course, it had to make amazing coffee. Enough to last us a whole week.»

Features and benefits:

  • 2 in 1 design: brew the full range of cold brew flavor with one device.
  • Simple to use: set up in under a minute and walk away.
  • Easy to clean: no more messy coffee grounds all over the sink.
  • Makes up to 15 servings at once. Stays fresh in fridge for 2 weeks. Just store and pour.
  • Made from premium food-safe materials: stainless steel, borosilicate glass, FDA silicone
  • Money Saving: pays for itself in 2 brews compared to buying at a coffee shop

New Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Where to buy

The Gravity Cold Brew Coffee Maker is available for pre-order on Kickstarter from now until October 30th, and costs $60. Kickstarter backers will receive a 33% discount for pre-ordering.

New Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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