Turning Coffee Residue Into Profit

Turning Coffee Residue Into Profit

During the past couple of years there has been a lot of debate about the importance of dealing with coffee waste and how it can have a more economic and environmentally friendly outcome.

Coffee residue has been over and over a question in our daily lives. What can we do with it? Does it have any use? But how? Well, Nikolaos Drivas from Market Inspector explains it all in a useful infographic.

Transforming coffee residue into something useful

With the daily demand for coffee being on the rise, exceeding 95 million cups in the UK, it’s necessary to reconsider the stages at which coffee residue can be tackled. There are various potential advantages that can be achieved, such as the manufacturing of various byproducts, like bioplastic.

There are mainly two stages at which coffee waste is created, the early phase of coffee production and the posterior one.

To tackle coffee waste in relation to the early stages of coffee production, it must be taken into consideration how the outer skin of the coffee cherry, also known as the “pulp”, can be reproduced towards battling food insufficiency by acting as an alternative to either flour or tea. Both byproducts minimize the coffee industry’s overall environmental impact but also provide businesses with the opportunity of retailing various byproducts.

As the most significant amount of coffee waste generated is through used coffee grounds, the second stage is of great importance. Reexamining the way that used coffee grounds can be repurposed can significantly reduce C02 emissions and help generate capital investments for businesses.

Coffee as a freindly alternative to biodiesel

There is a plethora of ways that used coffee grounds can be reproduced, such as for heating, creating an environmentally friendly alternative to biodiesel, and producing reusable, recyclable and durable coffee cups.

Those examples pave the way towards creating a more sustainable coffee industry, and can further inspire businesses about the significance of dealing with coffee waste. Handling such a topic as soon as possible is crucial, considering the continuously increasing demand of coffee consumption and coffee machines, respectively, on a worldwide basis.

From waste to gold infographic

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