Beetle Inspired Coffee Machine

Beetle Inspired Coffee Machine

What if a Beetle was transformed into a coffee machine? Have you ever ask yourself this question?

If you have, this article is for you. If you do not, then this article is for you, too, car lover or not. Yes, there is Volkswagen inspired coffee machine.

Klaus Bischoff – Volkswagen’s Head of Design – describes the brand’s design philosophy in 3 words:

«Simple, sophisticated, and different.»

The Brand describes this aesthetic innovation:

The ‘Barista Beetle’ is a concept coffee machine, designed for the home and office, that pays tribute to Volkswagen’s lasting influence on the wider field of product design. VW’s unique style and personality has been extended to an interior product that has become part of people’s daily lives.

Beetle Inspired Coffee Machine

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A unique identity

The shape of the product was designed in a formal language by reinterpreting the VW Beetle’s coupe-style loop line, the frameless door, and the alloy wheel that followed the curved slope of the side. The dynamic colour of the ‘Barista Beetle’ gives the user an enjoyable user experience by giving life to the atmosphere of a static modern interior.


Balancing form and function

The top part of the sliding wing cover was designed with a metaphorical meaning to inform the beginning of the ceremony to eat coffee, and it was designed to be able to slide in both directions. Moving the sliding cover to the right, the user can insert a coffee capsule. By moving the sliding cover to the left, you can easily fill the water in the built-in water tank. If you need to clean the water tank, you can remove the water tank located on the back of the coffee machine.

Beetle Inspired Coffee Machine

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Customizing your coffee

You can choose from four different cup sizes: ristretto, espresso, lungo and americano. It is equipped with the function to extract hot water separately, and the water temperature can be adjusted in four steps, so you can enjoy a fully customized brew.

Are you ready for this kitchen upgrade of yours? What do you think about this brand new coffee machine idea? Tell us everything on the comments below.

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