28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World

Those who love a good coffee cannot fail to know these emblematic spaces.

There are those who cannot get through the day without having at least one coffee. And, of course many of you who appreciate this beverage will appreciate it in an cool establishment, which has a great design and an excellent decoration to make your expresso even more amazing.

All around the world you can find some of the most relaxed and creative coffee shops of the moment. Want to travel around the World knowing some incredible places?

Here are some of the most amazing coffee shops in World:


1. Ki Cafe, Japan

It is in Tokyo that you can find this minimalist shop, with white walls, decorated with several black trees without leaves. The place is perfect for those who want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, especially for those who do not like places with a lot of noise. In this establishment you can relax and enjoy an atmosphere of peace.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Ki Cafe


2. Alice in a Labyrinth, Japan

Also in Tokyo you can find this café with a decoration inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland. So, if you are a fan of the story, be sure to pay them a visit.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_alice in a labyrinth


3. Hedgehog Cafe HARRY, Japan

The city of Tokyo has one more ‘it’ café. It is the Hedgehog Cafe HARRY, where, in addition to obviously drinking coffee, you can play with a hedgehog. Is there a better way to start the day?

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Hedgehog Cafe HARRY


4. Café Mollien, France

Located in the popular Louvre Museum, more precisely in the Denon wing, this café has a terrace overlooking the Cour Napoléon and Carousel Square. The establishment is very close to where the famous Mona Lisa is located.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Café Mollien


5. The Budapest Café, China

Located in Chengdu city, this establishment has a minimalist design with shades of pink and gray. The decor is inspired by the film ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’, made by Wes Anderson.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_The Budapest Café


6. Bar Luce, Italy

Speaking of Wes Anderson, it was the director who designed this fantastic café in Milan.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Bar Luce


7. Patent Coffee, United States

According to Dezeen, popular inventor Nikola Tesla lived and worked in the building where the popular coffee shop is located in Manhattan, New York. From a certain time the establishment ceases to function as a café and happens to be a nightclub.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Patent Coffee


8. Origo, Romania

Located in Bucharest, this property operates as a café during the day and as a bar at night. It has a rustic decor and seems ideal for the typical Instagram photographs.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Origo


9. 28 Café, Portugal

Did you know that the city of Lisbon has a café that is a replica of the iconic electric 28? It is located near the Castle of São Jorge.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_28 Café


10. FIII Fun House, Argentina

It is an ideal establishment for kids and adults. This coffee shop in Buenos Aires has a wooden décor with rocking chairs. It was designed by the architect Iris Singer.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_FIII


11. The End Brooklyn, United States

Popular by the latte unicorn, you are likely to remember this cafeteria because of the battle it fought against Starbucks. The owners accused the giant of having copied the idea of the unicorn frapuccino. In the end, the two entities came to an agreement, as The Wall Street Journal reports.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_The End


12. Harry’s, Italy

Located in Trieste, more precisely in Piazza Unità d’Italia, this establishment offers a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a coffee while enjoying the fantastic view over the main square of the city.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Harrys


13. Dreamy Camera Café, South Korea

Located in Yangpyeong, this cafeteria has the shape of a camera.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Dreamy Camera


14. Caffera Photo + Café, Philippines

This café also draws inspiration from the world of photography. The interior of the establishment counts on several objects connected to photography, like old cameras.



15. Bar Topolski, England

If you are a fan of art and appreciate the works of the Polish painter Feliks Topolski, then it is a must to visit this establishment, located in London. The site was a gallery of the artist, which was converted into a bar. The place still has exposed many works of Topolski.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Topolski


16. Caffè Gambrinus, Italy

This historic cafe was founded in 1860 and is famous for serving as a meeting point for many popular artists such as the poets Gabriele D’Annunzio and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Gambrinus


17. Café Centrale, Hungary

This property is located in the Pest area of Budapest. It opened its doors in 1887 and was frequented by many Hungarian intellectuals, writers and artists.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Cafe Centrale


18. Café Gerbeaud, Hungary

This establishment is popular not only for the cafe that serves but also for the cakes and delicacies such as the esterházy pies and the dobos.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Cafe Gerbeaud


19. Snakes and Lattes, Canada

Located in Toronto, this property is ideal for board games. It has shelves full of these games. In addition to being able to use them inside the coffee, you can also buy them.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Shakes and Lattes


20. Confeitaria Colombo, Brazil

It is one of the most beautiful cafes in the world. Situated in Rio de Janeiro, this historic property has the interior filled with stained glass, huge mirrors and beautiful tiles.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Confeitaria Colombo


21. The Coffee Collective, Denmark

Located in Copenhagen, this café seems to be asking for photos on social networks. Coffee beans are purchased directly from local producers.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Coffee Colective


22. Rosetta Roastery, South Africa

This property features a minimalist design. Located in Cape Town, the interior is decorated in black and white and is the ideal place to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Rosetta Roastery


23. HR Giger Museum, Switzerland

The scariest café in this post can be found in Gruyères. The interior of this establishment seems to have been inspired by the movie ‘Alien’, more precisely in the skeleton of the extraterrestrial, designed by H.R. Giger.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_HR Giger Museum


24. The Coffee Academics, Hong Kong

It’s definitely a great place to study. Located in Hong Kong, it is always quoted among the best coffee shops in the world. It has received an international award despite having less than 10 years of existence.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Coffee Academics


25. Café Chat L’Heureux, Canada

Cats and Coffee? These four-legged friends can be found inside this establishment in Montreal.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Cafe Chat


26. Café A Brasileira, Portugal

This historic Lisbon café is one of the most popular spots in the city. It has been a meeting point for many poets and artists. On the esplanade is a statue of Fernando Pessoa, which usually serves as a backdrop for numerous photographs of those who visit the place.



27. Majestic Café, Portugal

Located in Porto, this coffee shop is constantly referred to as one of the most spectacular in the world.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Magestic


28. Hammock, Malaysia

Located in Geroge Town, this property can not be left out of this gallery. Who would not want to be lying in a hammock while enjoying a nice coffee? Sometimes it counts on acts of musicians.

28 Amazing Coffee Shops in the World_Hammock


So, where are you travelling next? Are you going to pay a visit to at least one of these amazing coffee shops? Tell us everything on the comments below!

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