AnZa: the most beautiful coffee machine ever


Concrete. Corian. Wood. Steel. Brass. Glass. – AnZa will bring new life and love to your countertop.

A San Francisco design team, Montaag, wondered why the evolution of coffee machines was so less impactful than the evolution of the beverage itself. The result is AnZa.

Born out of passion for good coffee and boredom with the default home espresso machine vernacular, the AnZa aims to bring new life and love to your countertop.


Created in two options – in cement (it is our favorite) and in white corian -, AnZa uses materials little used in the kitchen and even less on the espresso machines for a piece that has both functional and aesthetic, serving not only your morning coffee, but also working as a great conversational unlocker.

Anza Anza

The team is launching the novelty after four years perfecting all its components. Why so long? Because this machine is more than a beautiful element (which is nice to say a little): the article has a smart side and comes equipped with connectivity, possibility of remote access, ability to connect to other devices and even the chance to program habits Of caffeine for a smart coffee routine tailor-made for you.

The AnZa is what happens when you treat an appliance like sculpture or a piece of furniture.

Anza Anza Anza

Anza will be available in a Kickstarter fundraising campaign starting in August and the first machines will be distributed in early 2018.

Are you in love with AnZa as much as we are? Tell us what you think about this new coffee machine!