How Instant Coffee is made

How Instant Coffee is made

The real answer: how coffee goes from a fresh brew to a powdery flake?

As coffee is more and more famous, it gets more and more elitist choices. If you are a coffee lover you might have already heard that instant coffee is bad, and that it doesn’t do you any good. In fact, there are people claiming that instant coffee doesn’t have the same flavor.

(Well, if you are a cook you will know, for sure, that this instant coffee is a powerful ingredient for its strong taste).

But the truth is: is coffee. And yes: it comes from coffee beans. The difference lies on the method. And for that science explains.

There are 2 methods for making instant coffee:

Instant Coffee – Method 1 – The Spray

In this method, you have to roast, grind and make real coffee with water. And then «liquid coffee is sprayed in a fine mist through very hot, very dry air. By the time the coffee droplets land, they have dried into a powder.

Instant Coffee – Method 2 – The Freeze Drying

Here, you also have to roast, grind and make real coffee with water. After, the liquid is forced from the frozen coffee through chemical sublimation. This process forces the ice to vaporize without going through the liquid stage.

You can watch everything on this video:

But, as you cannot always have everything, the flavor and caffeine are affected, while the aroma stays just the same. In some cases, the coffee powder is supplemented with additional flavor and aroma compounds to better simulated fresh coffee.

How do you use instant coffee? Do you make a big nice cup of Joe, or you use it in baking?